January 13, 2014

Change of Plans

A lot can change in some seconds... And, there's no exception in our Interrail Adventure for next summer.
Life brought me some new opportunities for next season so, we had to do some adjustments in our next summer trip.
It will still start on July's 28th and we'll do most of the things that we had already plan, but we had to cut some places to make the trip a bit shorter 'cause I have got to be back in Lisbon by the end of August.
So, we decided to cut Bled, Brussels and Lille. We chose not to visit this three places right now but we hope to go there sometime! I will also come home earlier from Paris, so I won't be able to go to Vogue's Fashion Night Out there, but it's for a very good cause... I'll let you know, soon!

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