February 6, 2014

Girls Trip To London

Only 21 days left and I'm off to London. First trip of 2014! The first of many, I hope.
Time's running out and there are so many things to plan... Where to go? What to see? Decisions, decisions...
Thank god we've a friend living there to give us some tips! And, there are always some city guides to help us too... So, where should we start?
We'll spend a week there and we'll try to avoid the classic tourist tours and photos... well, not all of them, of course we'll go to the most visit places there but we'll do it our own way!
We will also go to some other place... we'll leave London for one day to go to somewhere near the sea... but, for now, let's keep it a surprise, shall we?

There's only one more thing I want to ask you, any tips for the not so touristy side of London?

Dear London, I'll see you three weeks from now. Can't wait!!

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