May 9, 2014

London Sweet London

I was in London with my friends between the end of february and the beginning of march, from 27th to 6th.
This is a film about our trip where you can see, even in a short version, what's like to party with us!

We stayed at our friend Ines's in Stoke Newington wich is a small village next to the city centre, about half an hour long by bus and, in those six days we met London, as a city with all the touristic cliché points, some more secret spots and it's people, food and culture.

When we first arrived from the airport in Liverpool St, to catch the bus to Stoke Newington, we met a drunk men who started jumping around us, laughing and singing out loud "you are f*cking tourists, you are f*cking tourists..." (on repeat), it was a really awkward situation 'cause english people aren't usually so outgoing, but it was also very funny and it gave us the idea to create our official hashtag for this trip which is #wearefuckingtouristsinlondon, so if you want to see our instagram photos of london you just have to search for this hashtag!
Having an special hashtag for a certain event or trip is a very good idea because later, when you want to remember it, you don't need to scroll down infinite times, you just have to search for your hashtag, and you'll see not only your photos but also the ones that your friends shared under the same hashtag.

The mythic cliché photo-points of London

A friend from St. James's Park

 Funny moments in New Bond St, Notting Hill and Chinatown

 Cool places: Portobello Road Market, Camden Town and Columbia Road Flower Market

Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square

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