Leisurely Traipse ia a personal journal of thougts, photography and wanderlust.

I'm Joana, a 21 years old girl who loves travelling, fashion, video and photography.
I'm from Sintra, a little paradise near Lisbon in Portugal. 

I'm a journalist working at Sapo, PT, here in Lisbon and my job is all about music and festivals, how cool is that? I really love it. My main work is the official web-site of Rock in Rio, at least until the end of the festival at 1st of June. 

I'm also a scout' girl (and no, I won't sell you cookies), since I was 7 years old... so, I can't really call it an hoobie 'cause it's already a part of me and my way of living. I love to go camping and I also do it in summer with my girls who aren't scouts, it's a really nice way to relax on vacation with a cheap budget. 

You can find me on social network by @joanamoreiras.

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